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How do you keep training when your practices and team sessions have been canceled? What about when the gym closes and your weights at home are too light? How can you keep from getting behind without your squat rack and your bench press?

Turn your time at home into a huge opportunity to change up your workouts and learn to manipulate other variables that allow you to lift less while gaining performance driving gains. This session is great for individual athletes as well as entire teams.  (Also for student athletes' parents looking for ways to workout at home!)

Meet your panelist featured guest:

Chris Giesking, former Army Ranger and Veteran, is a master NASM trainer with a masters degree in human movement and a widely respected expert in the industry of sport performance and training.


His background in corrective exercise tailors workouts to ensure a solid foundation that can reach higher potential and lower injury risk. He is also the creator of the heath compass system, a wholistic approach to health and fitness that has been used with sports teams, individuals, and entire fitness centers that working with beginners, youth, and athletes. He is a sought after educator and valued trainer working with professional athletes and teams, including several high performing NHL players. 

Chris offers full online workout programs, educational content creation, corporate seminars, workshops, consulting, and team training plans. You can find him at and on IG @coachchrisgiesking

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