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Meet Kate

Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author

Kate is the author of Confessions of an Imperfect Coach, the transformation story surrounding her perfect season experiment. She is the coauthor of Stick Together with Bestselling author and speaker Jon Gordon. She has also written the Coaches Emergency Practice Guide for youth lacrosse and Team 8.

She is sought after for her knowledge in both building and repair of team/business/organizational cultures. Her background in athletics is paired with her successful career in corporate sales, retail management, business growth consulting, and her start up boutique clothing line that was sold in high end boutiques around the world. 


She is recognized for her work in creating internally motivated, high performing teams, and elevating relationships, connections, and mission driven personnel. Her high energy, connected approach brings excitement, buy-in, and the transformation that teams need to make positive, lasting change.

Kate is the VP of Leadership Development for the Jon Gordon Companies where she creates and delivers content for workshops based on Jon's proven principles, develops collegiate leadership infrastructure, delivers training, workshops, consulting, and keynotes, and advises all levels of business leadership and sports teams across the country.

She is a former NCAA lacrosse coach, National Coaches Education Trainer, holds a degree in exercise science concentrating on corrective exercise, and is a heavily certified fitness and nutrition specialist. She is a widely published contributor to many national publications, podcasts, and panels. She has been featured in numerous publications by US Lacrosse, Changing the Game Project, NFHS, the Positive Coaching Alliance, the Reformed Sports Parent, the Female Athlete Mentor Project, Minnesota Soccer Association, the Professional Women's Lacrosse League UWLX, and the Christopher Gabriel Program on ESPN Radio, among many others. Her blog articles are frequently shared upwards of 100K plus times throughout organizations across the globe, focusing on creating more connected leaders, positive culture, and dynamic learning environments.

She is the mom of 3 grown kids and currently resides in Florida.

​You can purchase Kate's books on Amazon or at Barnes and Nobles around the US.

"My mission as a leader is to see your potential and understand your vision. Then to empower you with the tools so that you not only see it and believe in it, but are called to action to create it. My pledge is to always use my knowledge, platform, position, words and thoughts, to help build up others, not to break."

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