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Kate is an energetic, dynamic speaker who connects high-impact principles to applicable tools and action plans for her audience. Her ability to connect through her broad range of experiences in both business and athletics has led many to describe her as someone who "gets it"  and creates excitement and buy-in for building positive, meaningful momentum in groups, teams and organizations. Kate has spoken for high school and collegiate teams as well as large leadership summits such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Leaders, and the LPGA.




Kate offers Full day training, half day workshops, full day consulting through long term consulting projects to create buy-in, action, real application examples, and meaningful discussions to bring people together. 



Through the Jon Gordon Companies, Kate's most sought after program as Jon's lead workshop facilitator, is the Power of Positive Leadership and Power of Positive Teams workshops. Often paired with Jon Gordon as a Keynote speaker, or as a stand alone event, or package of workshops to bring to entire organizations, these workshops take the books' powerful proven principles and bring them to life through engaging activities and presentation for long term success rather than short term motivation.

Training and workshops have been creating powerful results within sports teams of all levels from youth through professional, as well as business teams, leadership groups, directors summits, universities, and non-profit organizations.



As a consultant to leadership, coaches, and organizations around the US, Kate has helped create packages, programs, short and long term solution building, and curriculum to drive performance and engagement through a better connected culture.

Collegiate Leadership Programs:

Kate works on a range of projects from individual leadership coaching, to packaging workshops, speaking, and direct meetings with leadership and teams, as well as creating a full 4 year Leadership Academy for Universities' student athletes. She is currently building out the leadership program for University of Denver, a project that will soon be available to all universities to implement and brand to their athletic department based on the books and proven principles from Jon Gordon's best selling books. This program is tiered to cover the entire 4 year experience of each athlete, bringing them through to graduation where they will have earned a leadership certificate and master the skills of leading self, influencing teammates, leadership, and transitioning into a leader after college. If you are interested in more information about this leadership academy for your university, please reach out for more information.


​High School Leadership Certification Program:

In addition to collegiate athletics and leadership programs, Kate has adapted a high school certification program in leadership training based on Jon Gordon's Power of Positive Leadership book, principles, and workshop.  These leadership training events will be coming soon to a city near you!

Along with Kate leadership training can be paired with dynamic Jon Gordon Team speaker, trainer, and former pro football (Jacksonville, Bills, Patriots) player Thomas Williams. If you are interesting in hosting a leadership certification training at your organization or school please reach out for more info.

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