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Girls Lacrosse Practice Guide Coming September!!


It’s been a long time coming, one of the biggest requests I receive are for drills, games and practice plans for youth girls lacrosse. I finally sat down and put together an emergency guide for coaches where you can pull out fun games and ice breakers, age appropriate drills with progressions and a break down of what skills are needed at the different age groups from kindergarten through middle school – as well as what to put in your coach’s bag of tricks. Need a last minute practice plan or template? Running out of ideas for drills? Can’t get the girls to master a certain skill or pay attention? Help is on the way!! This is not about how to play the game of lacrosse, it’s about filling a practice with fun, educational, effective activities geared towards your team’s age and development level.

Look for the release of the “Coaches’ Emergency Practice Guide” in late September! Subscribe to this blog for updates on when it will be available or shoot me an email to get on the list to be notified. There will be limited quantities available and due to the amount of requests I have received. I recommend getting on the list so you know when it comes out before it’s officially announced.

High School Club/JV/Varsity version will be available closer to Christmas 2015.

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