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3 Reasons to Embrace your Authentically Great SUPERPOWER NOW!

3 Reasons to Embrace your Authentically Great SUPERPOWER NOW!

ADD VALUE to your LIFE and OTHERS! You are inimitable. That means you are unique, unable to be copied, and there is no one out there just like you. Our unique perspectives, life experiences, quirky traits, interests, heart, soul, challenges, hurts, victories, desires, dreams, and passions are all an integral part of our authentic greatness. We have the power to harness and share all that we are and color the world around us. Sticking out or being different can make us feel vulnerable, but it’s also what makes us unique, special and is so vital to adding value everywhere we go. The best things in life are those that stand out as something different!

Gain DIRECTION and GROW! Our world is a better place when we can show up confidently grounded in the person we are and who we are becoming. Hiding our uniqueness in the shadows doesn’t allow us to see all that we can be and the great places we can go. But embracing who we are helps us to find direction and create a path, to grow with intention, and more than that, it provides the opportunity for us to affect those we encounter positively each day. That self-powered ripple fuels our confidence, our innate desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to contribute, to feel worthy, useful, valued, and fired up to create bigger and stronger ripples of good around us.

Build a MORE POSITIVE FUTURE! The collection of our inimitable traits, experiences, heart, perspectives and passions are what make up our superpower. Our imperfections and the lessons we’ve learned are a part of our superpower too. Making an impact on the world around us doesn’t require perfection or superhuman-ism. It simply requires an honest look inside to unlock the ingredients that come together to make YOU, well, YOU and to make ME, ME! When we willingly embrace how those things can be used for good, we can build a more positive future.

I wrote Superpower because of my own struggle with feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere. Instead of embracing where I was like no one else, I spent far too much time trying to hide or wish away the things that made me different. As a coach and a leader working with sports teams, small businesses, large corporations and colleges, I discovered the irony of just how many people share the struggle of feeling like we don’t measure up because we are different. That means as a society we are walking around with a large portion feeling like they are less worthy for the very things that help to make us who we are meant to be because we don't match the ideal set in front of us as a universal standard. Traits that we should own and develop as enrichers and not detractors. When we acquire the tools to see our valuable assets using the measuring stick that is unique to us instead of someone else’s, we can see just how incredible our special, inimitable self actually is. And only then, can we invest in ourselves and grow to be the best that we can be – individually and collectively.

Superpower releases Aug 2 but can be preordered now anywhere books are sold! The story follows young Trent on his transformation from bullied to confident leader and encourager through the help of activities and tools taught to him by the most enigmatic teacher he’s ever had. Discussion questions at the end of the book allow for great discussions for teens and adults alike, from school classrooms, to locker rooms, to beach chair summer reading, to business teams, to discover their own superpower as individuals and teams and create their best, most confident, passionate life!

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