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"I had the great pleasure of Kate Leavell providing training on the Power of Positive Teams this past Wednesday.  I knew I had to sign up my new team for some kind of Jon Gordon training after I participated in a half day session with you and Julie (?) this summer in Fairfax, VA.  Well, I wanted you to know Kate did an OUTSTANDING job working with a team of supervising federal probation and pretrial services officers.  The chief in probation and I are relatively new to our positions and this training was right on time as the federal judiciary is facing tough budget cuts this fiscal year.  It is going to take a strong dose of positivity to navigate this year.  Kate handled our questions beautifully, offer great suggestions for team building, and took the time to join me for dinner and encourage me personally in this new role.  What a gem you have in her!  Once the budget turns, I plan to contact her again for ongoing leadership coaching!" - Amanda (Government Organization)

"I wanted to reach out to say thank you. Thank you for having Kate Leavell on your staff. Kate spoke with our entire athletic staff last Thursday evening on the topic of positive leadership and it was beyond amazing. When first discussing this opportunity over the phone with Kate, was able to pinpoint our needs and prescribe a seminar that specifically targeted each and every staff member. Her energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled.  Her message and direction was clear and she was able to reach staff members on a personal level. The program was exactly what we needed as a staff and I am already looking forward to the opportunity to have another session. On a side note, the positive energy in the office Friday morning had not been seen in months!  Now it’s my job to capitalize and maintain that momentum."  - Jason (University Athletics Department)

"From the moment we picked Kate up at her hotel and hopped in the car for the 45 minute drive, I knew it was going to be a great day.  During the drive, I began to feel as if I had known Kate for years.  Kate is a dynamic and engaging presenter, and our group of educators, administrators, and coaches immediately felt comfortable in her presence.  Kate wove personal stories and humor in to the presentation, making it come alive for all of us.  She guided us through group activities and individual reflection time where we came up with a positive vision for our school and athletic programs.   


The three hour Power of Positive Leadership Workshop was a perfect fit for our school and our needs. It was affordable for our district, there was a great deal of personal interaction with our group of 15-20 attendees, and we all left the presentation feeling energized for the upcoming school year.  I have already told friends from neighboring towns about our incredible experience with Kate and the Power of Positive Leadership Workshop."  -Heidi (High School Athletics and Faculty)

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