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In this 3 day virtual Writing Rabbit Retreat, you will attend live, online course with bestselling author, facilitator, and content creator Kate Leavell to turn your message into a powerful fable! Upon purchase you will have access to your pre-retreat questionnaire so that I can better serve you. Two weeks before your retreat, you will recieve via email the retreat information packet, so you can mentally prepare for the most amazing 3 days of creating you can imagine! 



Course Objectives:

  • clarify and streamline your message and principles, intended audience, and scope of impact
  • learn the do's and don'ts for writing a fable (where the story is the support and the lesson is the star!)
  • outline your characters, challenges, and resolutions
  • create quotes that resonate with your reader and impact lives 
  • storyboard your chapters so that writing is easy!
  • create sample for feedback and direction in a one on one virtual meeting with Kate
  • learn about options for next steps such as publishing/printing/distribution and marketing


The Schedule:

  • 9am-12pm EST Classroom and Guided writing time
  • Afternoons are open to work around your schedule and find writing and reflection time that work for you to prepare for the next morning's class.
  • You will schedule a one on one meeting with Kate during the week of the retreat for feedback and direction.
  • Retreat is limited to 12 registrations and will close once it is sold out. 



  • Do I have to have a lot of writing experience to do this?

No, if you enjoy being creative, telling stories or sharing your experiences, and have a life lesson or message to share, then you can write a fable. You will need various levels of editing depending on your writing skills that you can hire out or bring in a coauthor/friend to help out with.  You will learn how to build your fable from the ground up. BYOM (bring your own message! A message is a lesson you want to gift others - overcoming something, new perspective, new ways to try something, things that are really important at the end of the day.... etc )

  • Can I attend with a friend, family member, spouse, business partner, neighbor, or son/daughter?

Yes, and you'll get a friends and family discount. You can each write your own fable, or work together to write one. Enter coupon code bringafriend to save when you register more than one person in the same cart. 

  • How do I know if my child is old enough to attend with me? 

If you want to write with your son or daughter, they should be old enough to understand your message (or maybe it's their life lesson they want to share!) and the ability to engage in activities involved in learning, brainstorming, and writing. I reccomend High School or above but a very mature middle school student would certainly be able to keep up if the parent is taking an active role in assisting them. 

  • Can I sign my child up without me attending? 

Participants must be 16 or older to attend our virtual workshops without an adult. For in person retreats participants must be  18 or older.

  • How much can I really get done in 3 days?

This will vary based on how much time you spend writing during the second half of your retreat days on your own and your speed of writing and current clarity of message. However, keep in mind that fables are shorter and not like writing a novel.  It is posisble to be able to complete your storyboard and chapter outline and possibly a sample chapter in your 3 day time period. This will prepare you to finish your fable with a secure plan in place for moving forward.

  • What if I want to use my book for speaking? Or create workshops from it like I see so many others doing?

Great idea! I've spent the last 10 years creating, delivering and sharpening my keynote writing, delivery, and workshop creation skills. You can benefit from our other workshops for keynote writing and delivery, and workshop/study guide creation! Keep an eye out for virtual and in person dates to come!

  • I really want to attend a workshop in person, if I attend a virtual retreat are there any benefits later on for purchasing registration for a live retreat in Sarasota?

Yes! Attendees of virtual retreats get a 20% discount on future live, in-person retreats. It also pays to be an early bird. Sign up early and save big.

  • Im still not sure if Im talented, worthy, skilled, enough to write a fable, even with help. Can I speak with you and ask more questions?

Absolutely! Contact me to set up a call/zoom to discuss. and PS.... you're definitely worthy!!

  • Will you offer a teen retreat? All of my kids and their friends are obsessed with writing a book and creating positive change. What if their team wants to write a book together??

Yes! Teen workshops are coming, and Im available for private groups as well where I come to your school, location, club, etc to teach the skill of creating an impactful and fun to read fable! Please reach out via email to set up a meeting to discuss.

  • Can I cancel my registration?

If you are unable to attend, your registration fee will be applied toward a future retreat, private event, coaching, or product.

  • If the retreat is cancelled, will I be refunded? 

Absolutely! You'll have the choice of refund or applying towards a future event.

  • What if I don't think I learned anything? Do you have a money back policy?

This retreat is jam packed with valuable real tools for writing a fable using your passion, purpose, and message. It's hard to judge our own writing sometimes so be forgiving with yourself as you work through the creative process. If you are unhappy with how your fable is turning out, get stuck, or just feel overwhlemed by it all, you may request up to 3 personal coaching sessions with Kate at no charge. I know that you have what it takes to do this. If there is a passion in your heart to share a message, then there is a need for it to be written!


Fable Writing Online Retreat MAY 17-19

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