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You probably think this song is about you..

Occasionally I get asked by a program if one of my blog posts was about them. (Ironically several different programs may think a post is about them all at the same time). I usually don’t even know which post they are referring to.

Maybe they identified with something in it and thought, hey she sounds like she’s talking about us! Maybe the entire post was spot on for your team practices or philosophy.

Here’s the truth coming straight from the source. I don’t write blog posts about one program (unless i specifically name it to praise it as an example to follow) because who wants to read gossip news?

I write about universal issues that we all face based in things I see, hear about from parents and coaches, and personally experience.

If you identified with a post and it is all about a positive thing then you are part of the solution, awesome! I hope I saw you in action and it inspired me to write it! That happens all the time and it’s my favorite kind of writing. There are so many of these stories out there!

If it was taking about a negative issue, something that needs attention, and you identified with it -and parents of your players let you know it sounded like your program or emailed you thinking it was about you, then I hope it helps your perspective on how some tactics can harm our kids sports experience and culture. I hope that it inspires you to change.

I don’t target people or teams, I want opportunities to thrive and doors to open. I want every program to become a part of the solutions and get away from the business building profit side that’s plaguing our kids sports.

I am digging out problems across our athletic culture, seeking and celebrating solutions. Hopefully, changing some viewpoints to believe in the benefits of positivity, faith, fun and inclusion.

I’m calling the issues out and offering solutions instead of complaining or ignoring them. I’m doing my part to coach positively and lead by example as much as I’m capable of doing so. And I’m building a tribe of coaches that are absolutely bought in to doing the same and changing lives. Human coaches, vulnerable to failure, but always fighting to stay on the right path. I love my tribe, I can see the lives being touched because of this mission and it blows me away what you all have accomplished.

All programs have faults, space to grow, and great kids playing for them. There is no perfect program option, only options for finding the best fit, and those who are willing to grow in culture and connections, not just in size or name recognition.

My mission in my writing is and has always been, finding a way to build and not break through leadership and sports.

I hope you’ll join this mission with us and focus on the kids, their development, character, heart, belief and potential in life. And yes, I’m talking to you! 🙂

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