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Yes.. AND! Overcoming obstacles and moving forward.

During a leadership workshop today we talked about perspective and how it can change how we react and move forward from an event. We talked about how positive perceptions can give us a greater outcome in life.

One of the participants mentioned improv and I immediately saw the real life application of the “yes..and..” approach.

In improv acting, you need to accept whatever the other actor has put out into the scene by always saying yes, and … then adding onto the story- no matter how crazy it may be. If you don’t do this, the story ends right there.

How many times has life thrown us something crazy and we stop in our tracks. How often have we answered the question of why we are being held back with a simple statement of hardship and our story ends right there.

What if we could follow our teams, kids, friends and our own struggles up with “YES….AND then what did you do to overcome it?”

YES AND what have you taken away from it to make yourself find success now?

YES AND now you truly understand the obstacles ahead and can reach for it better informed.


When we believe in a positive future, we still experience obstacles but are driven with purpose to overcome and move forward from them. We begin to see that life is a classroom that is not happening TO us but FOR us. Those challenges are not a wall, they’re a speed bump that allow us to slow down and learn before trying again with more knowledge and better chances at success.

Make your next challenge something you accept as a part of your story, say “YES … AND” and then build the next scene with your addition! While you’re in the writing business of building your life, make sure you write something incredible! Everyone loves a great comeback story!

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