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What no one wants to tell you

You’ve put your money and your time into your kids sports. You’ve tried every elite travel team, every elite trainer, year round playing, but the college offers aren’t there or aren’t enough to make those elite schools affordable. The starting position isn’t consistent, the awards aren’t stacked on the wall.

Here’s a truth the ones collecting your money aren’t going to tell you… Your kids not good enough. There is some skill set lacking, or drive, or speed, or even just a lack of natural born athleticism that throwing money at isn’t going to fix. It may be their attitude at practice, it may be you want it more than they do. It may just be the way it is.


Just because everyone wants their kid to play D1 doesn’t mean that putting in the most money or being on the right team will get them there. In an age where we think we can buy everything and if we want it enough we should get it, we have forgotten that some athletes are just..well, better! And some are going to work really hard and be average. Maybe that’s not fair but I can’t for the life of me remember the year life became fair?

Every kid wants to start on the team. If yours doesn’t it could be a simple fact that there are kids better than him or her under game conditions. Your kid is fantastic in the back yard and looks good in drills but not everyone performs under pressure.

When are we going to wake up and stop trying to buy our kids into what they or we want for them. You want to do your kid the best favor? Teach them the value of drive, passion, hard work and grit. Then you can look them in the eye and say if YOU want it, if you know what really WANTING it means, then who can stop you? Certainly not another parent with a heavy wallet, because you can’t buy that anywhere. Life isn’t fair, if you want something you have to earn it. You have to become better than the best and that takes struggle and sacrifice from the actual athlete, not the parents. End of story.

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