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When I was 8 years old I wrote my first book and sent it off to a publisher, fully prepared to never hear back – despite the awesomeness of my poems.  There were about 6 poems in the compilation of pure childhood genius that I sent in, and I  got the address for the publisher from the back of a poetry book.  One of the poems, though short, I was sure would reach the heart of even the toughest of editors, and it went a little like this.

Bears are fluffy, fat and round.

You can buy one if you walk downtown.

I like them better than my dog, who drools a lot, i also like frogs.

The publisher that I sent these poems to must have been an angel,  because not only did she respond to my submission with a very sweet letter about enjoying my work, she also sent me a book about bears to read.  I never forgot that experience, and my determination to put pen to paper and create something on a blank page, that other people wanted to read and that let them see inside my mind, never left me.

Welcome to the birth of Katherine Joan, a place where my journey as a person, a parent, and a coach can hopefully entertain and maybe even inspire you, or at the very least – give you a good laugh at my expense! My mistakes, missteps, obstacles that I have faced have given me a rich life that has no end to the laughter and joy that has come of it all. My search for positivity, the ability to lead and grow and to appreciate everything, has brought me down a path I never dreamed possible. Under the Experiment tab, you will find an amazing journey I took with my team, one that was supposed to be about building team unity but that turned out to be so much more than that. Under the Motherhood link you will find my past writings that I will release piece by piece on the umm, (joys?)of motherhood in all of its splendor. Enjoy, please share, and leave comments, I love to hear from people who read about my crazy life!

Katherine Joan

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