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Meet in the Middle E-Book Coming Soon!

Meet In The Middle EBOOK Coming SOON!        

    Striking a balance that brings sanity, joy, growth, organization, accountability, and development back into our youth programs comes from a well designed and executed plan. So often in our rush to gather volunteers, fields, enough players and the other usual preseason chaos we allow our structure to bend or maybe even break in order to meet current circumstances.  Often we put out fires at the expense of quality volunteers and principles. At the end of the season we promise to plan it better next year, but as the chaos begins once again we find ourselves facing the same, or maybe even new challenges that don’t seem to let up until after that last playoff game.   At that point everyone is burnt out, frustrated, and less interested in rewriting the plan. More and more programs burn out from the sheer repetition of the insanity that tunnels deeper every year.  How do we break the cycle? How do we build new programs with policies in place to avoid common pitfalls? How do we know what’s important and whose viewpoint is right? What if the parents and coaches want totally different things? What if the admin won’t step in because they want to appease the volunteers or dues payers as a priority rather than protect the overall system?

Using the triangle process to Meet in the Middle, your program can build a foundation that is ready to stand the true test-  the test of full-on season chaos.  Meet In The Middle, your guide to building a lasting youth sports organization, will be available soon! Use the Meet in the Middle Concepts to identify common ground that will drive your program forward and unify the mission of all parties involved. Build your area’s youth sports program from the bottom up and design an experience based program rather than a trophy based program.  While it would be impossible to avoid all conflict, having an active plan in place to cut off those conflicts before they get out of hand means a better experience for everyone. No matter what your core beliefs are, your organization can be built to support them. Don’t get derailed by the pressures gutting our youth sports, or get disheartened with the entire volunteer experience that is supposed to be about our kids! Coaching, supporting our youth, cheering them on, and being involved in the life building experience of athletics with growing children should be filled with memories we cherish- not stress, misery and frustration.

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