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High School Guide Preview

The High School Coaches Guide to Building a Powerhouse Program is coming SO SOON and I am really excited about the sheer amount of information packed inside!

One of my favorite books as a kid that I read over and over went a little like this… Never tease a weasel, not even once or twice, a weasel wouldn’t like it and teasing isn’t nice!

Well lucky for you, you’re not a weasel so Im throwing out a little teaser at what’s in store….

As of now, Im not taking pre-orders but with the growing list I may open that up in the next couple of weeks. Release date is still looking like end of January but I promise to update if that changes. Im working hard to get this completed and packed with the info that will raise your game this year.

A little FAQ..

  1. The drills are girls lacrosse specific for high school JV through college club level teams, however everything else is nonspecific to sport and can be used universally. Great for all level HS teams, Travel/club, and college club level who need structure.

  2. Progressions bring the drills from basic to advanced and focus on maximized ball touches, station based rapid fire, and decision making skill builders.

  3. Its not listed specifically in the table of contents, but expect some extra goodies- such as play progressions, motions, defensive set-ups to beat certain offenses (and the reverse), conditioning and stick-work drills, and stuck in a gym (or hockey rink!) drills. See why it’s taking me so long?!

  4. Yes -I’ve tried and tested everything in this book with numerous teams. I’ve done the hard part sorting through what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve mapped out successful ways to teach it for rapid learning and adapting it to your players skill level. (yes i’ve had entire varsity teams that can’t catch to start the season, yup I’ve had varsity players that can BTB with their eyes shut, there’s something for everyone, yay!)

  5. The secret to a true powerhouse has much less to do with skill than you think. Don’t skip the chapters on building culture, foundation, and connections, you’ll need it all to reach your team’s power potential!

AND NOW… just a little tiny sneak peak…but not too much  🙂

Building a Powerhouse Program PREVIEW Click to download

Stay tuned for some more sneak peaks and release dates through January!

PS who’s going to laxcon 2017?!

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