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Get your Copy Now! Practice Guide for Coaches

back cover final

Read the back cover above for some feedback on the new book, which was officially published today!

What’s in the guide?

  1. Drills- lots of em! – fun imaginative drills that seem much more like fun than work, but that are effective for quick learning

  2. Special considerations for the youth player- things to keep in mind to keep your youth team engaged

  3. Practice Plan Template and breakdown

  4. Team, player, parent expectation sheet

  5. Team thought activity to get them thinking about being the best they can be

  6. Keeping goalies occupied while you run field drills

  7. Games, icebreakers and fun that still focus on athletic concepts but feel more like a reward to the kids

What’s not in the guide:

Breakdown of rules, how to play the game, technical details like field dimensions, etc. Those are available in great resources already available through US Lacrosse and books like Janine Tucker’s A Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Girls’ Lacrosse.

On a side note: I’m a lacrosse coach before I am a writer/editor. If you are a grammar fanatic you may not like me very much, but if you need lacrosse stuff – this book has got it and then some! I hope you love it!


There are a couple ways to get your hands on a copy as of now. It will eventually be offered through AMAZON, Barnes and Noble online and some local and online retail channels.

But for now the two ways to order are directly through (click on button below to order yours and they ship direct to you!) or by ordering through me.

If you are ordering 1 to 4 copies then lulu is your best option.

If you want 5 or more copies: you get a DISCOUNT and need to order directly from me. Email me( how many copies you need and your zip code and I will send you a Paypal invoice which will include your discount and shipping cost. I should have my stock of books here in about 1-2 weeks and I will begin shipping immediately when they arrive.

Full price on Lulu is $19.95 per copy, those are available now & ship 3-5 days from the time you purchase from them.

Discounted copies (5 or more copies ordered together) are $15 each plus shipping and ship in 1-2 weeks.

To purchase from LULU, click here:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

To Purchase in bulk or direct from me, email me at

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