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Fundamentals = win

5 reasons coaching fundamentals over all else at youth practice is always WIN!!

Don’t have time to work on another stick work drill? Have an important defense or offensive strategy that needs more attention today? Think again!

1. There’s no checking. If your team can scoop, catch the ball, throw the ball, and hold onto it while running, the other team will never get it away from you…ever.

2. Because if all the players have strong fundamentals, then you can sub everyone on the team into the game and still keep possession even if they have no idea how to play.

3. It’s hard, nay …impossible, to complete a play when the ball can’t make it through the air safety to its intended target.

4. Goals aren’t scored often when the shooter can’t hit the net. Aim and stick skills earn goals.

5. Fundamentals never go out of style, they are the most important asset of any player at every level that you can play through professional.

When a brand new lacrosse coach asks me the most important things to focus on because they feel overwhelmed, the answer is always the same. Drill the fundamentals, find fun ways to teach them, make them a contest, make them important, high speed and intense, and then…drill them some more. Can they play tag? A playground game where they run, cut and move around? Great! Then tell those players to put the little rubber ball in the other teams net without getting caught.

Fundamentals = Win 🙂

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