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Dear Mom and Dad


Dear mom and dad 

Thanks for buying me all that equipment to sign up for lacrosse! That new stick was designed by my favorite player and I want to be just like him. I heard you guys talking last night about how good you think I will be and it made me even more excited to play! I hope I don’t let you down…

Dear mom and dad,

My first practice was pretty fun, umm Im pretty horrible though. I didn’t catch a thing, I ran past every ground ball BUT I did knock someone down – my best move so far! I think Im going to like this sport!

It was a little weird having you standing over the fence during practice, I could hear you talking about me. Maybe next time you could just walk around the rest of the track with the other parents? You yelled for me to get the ground ball that one time and I almost died of embarrassment!

Dear mom and dad,

Thanks for signing me up for summer league, the traveling was fun and I’m making so many friends! I’m exhausted, I miss hanging out with my other friends and I am looking forward to a break! Im sorry about the money it costs, you talk about it a lot. Im going to try to make you proud of me, so it’s worth it.

Dear mom and dad,

I didn’t really want to play fall ball, I love lacrosse but it’s been 8 months of non stop practices, games all weekend, and school. I’m having trouble staying focused at practice and my knees have been sore. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I kind of just want to play and hang out with my friends…

Dear mom and dad, 

I overheard you talking last night about signing me up for winter tournaments. Fall is just ending, I really could use a break. I heard you talking about college and how I will be a freshman in 2 years and will have to choose a school and impress coaches by then. Isnt college for old people? That’s so far away, how do you even pick a college? I’m only 12! Wait- can I bring my Xbox one??

Dear mom and dad,

I overheard you after the game yelling at the coach about the way the team was playing, about my playing time, now I’m scared to go to practice. I thought I was making progress but now he’s going to hate me.

Last week at the game you told me I need to hold onto the ball, to take more shots but our coach wanted us to move the ball around more and not shoot because the score was high. I don’t know what to do when you yell one thing and the coach yells some thing else. I want to listen to my coach but i have to go home with you.. And it’s a long car ride home from some of those games. What do I do?

Dear mom and dad,

I’m sorry,  but it looks like there won’t be any lacrosse scholarships for me to pay you back for all the money you invested in travel ball, equipment and camps. My coaches don’t seem to like me because you are always giving them a hard time, I’m tired of nonstop playing on teams without a break, team hopping because you don’t like the coaches so I never know any of my teammates,  and I don’t want to hear toughen up anymore when I tell you my knees hurt.

Today was tryouts for the high school team, I tanked it. I may have tanked it on purpose- I’m not really sure. Either way I guess your dream for me to get important colleges coaches attention, and to go to your favorite school is over and I’m just going to be an ordinary kid and not a sports superstar. I didn’t know becoming an athlete would be so stressful, that just playing a sport for fun was unacceptable. Every kid can’t be the best kid on the team. I was pretty good I think- I know I wasn’t the best but I did work hard. It was never enough. Im tired of talking about college, I can’t even drive yet..

I’m sorry I wasted your time and your money, and all the things you’re going to say when you find out I got cut on the first day. Im sorry that Im a disappointment, that your fun of getting caught up in the fast track to college with the other parents is over.

They say sports teaches you life lessons. I learned a big one- no matter what- I’m not good enough. Sports are for superstars, and I’m just … me.

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