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Cocky or Confident


Do your players know the difference? Try a team exercise. Ask them.. would you rather be cocky or confident and why? Who do you think will be more successful if they both have the same skill level? What is it like to play with a cocky player versus a confident player and who would you rather have as a teammate?

Cocky – I’m the best kid on this team, they can’t win without me

Confident– I believe I can achieve what I need to on the field because I have worked hard and have athletic ability

Cocky– The only time I fail is when it’s someone else’s fault.

Confident– I am confident because I execute when I need too, but I know that at any time someone else could come along that’s worked hard, is bigger, or more skilled than me. I work to make sure I don’t let my team down.

Cocky – get the ball to me, I know what to do with it

Confident – if you give me the ball I will make a decision that I think is good for the team, either by shooting it myself or by passing it to a better option

Cocky– I don’t have time to help other people, they won’t be as good as me anyway.

Confident– if I help my teammates get better around me then I will have more support on the team and we can be stronger together

Cocky– Shows up late, leaves as soon as possible, puts in minimal effort except when has the ball

Confident– shows up early, connects with teammates, works hard to earn every skill, encourages others

Cocky– blames coaches, refs, teammates, weather, parents

Confident-looks for ways to improve self, believes can be better if the work is put in, accepts responsibility

Cocky– sore loser, over the top winner

Confident– Appreciates competition, win or lose

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