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Build Offensive Concept Foundation

High School coaches, your players are often coming to you with a distinct lack of understanding of how to play lacrosse. I know they know the rules, have been playing a few seasons and can follow directions. But if you gave them no play, no motion, and weren’t allowed to speak at all to your players while they ran a settled offense what would it look like?

My guess is likely statues standing still with one person running in and out until the ball turns over, or commotion in motion – the crazed chicken coop.  WHY? Because we are teaching them things like plays and specific motion patterns as soon as they hit a full sized field and as early as 2nd and 3rd grade. They aren’t being taught the why, only the what.

Check out my video on why we need a foundation and how you can implement it starting at tryouts. Drills to use to intro concepts will be in the High School Coaches Guide to building a Powerhouse Program coming for spring 2017.

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