Your team has limitless potential and high levels of talent ready to be unleashed to accomplish your true mission and purpose.


Many teams struggle to consistently work together to realize all the greatness they have inside of them. That's what Kate does. Her energy, passion, and understanding of people, teammates, leadership, and thriving on a mission has brought together teams from all types of backgrounds.


Kate has worked with Businesses and Corporations, Collegiate sports, High School athletes, Clubs, and Organizations. She's worked with groups that needed a little renewed energy, some who were looking for tools to overcome adversity and change, and she's turned around many groups that seemed too far gone to repair. Find out how you can unlock the potential of your team whether you need just a little help, or you're rebuilding from the ground up!

Bringing leaders & Teams together to reach their true potential

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Follow a basketball team struggling to bring their talent together as they learn how to become a stronger team through a challenge made by their coach. Learn the principles that help teams reach greatness as they master the tools to

stick together! Great for athletics, business, and any group

who wants to become a stronger team.

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April 11, 2021


CEO's of major corporations, head coaches of professional sports and their staff, school faculty and entire districts and more have experienced the Jon Gordon Power of Positive Leadership workshop to become better leaders. 

Jon and I created this teen workshop based on the same principles designed just for young adults in middle school and high school. If you're a leader with a title, or an individual who hopes to positively influence those around you, and even if you are hoping to simply lead yourself better to overcome adversity and challenges, this is a powerful 2 hours built just for you! Hosted by Kate and a q&a session with Jon, this is is a workshop you won't want to miss. Certificate of completion is sent to all participants.

Attend our public workshop or contact Kate to inquire about hosting your own private teen workshop for your team, group, organization, church or community.

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Power of Positive Teams

Stick Together

Power of Positive Leadership



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