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Your team has limitless potential and high levels of talent, ready to be unleashed to accomplish your true mission and purpose. All you need is to truly come together.
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Teams that believe in possibilities consistently find opportunities! 

Did You Know?

You have greatness inside of you. No one can do the things that you do in the way that you do them. You are irreplaceable when you share your authentic self with the world.
Strong teams have mastered Love, Ownership, Connection, Belief, Inclusion, Consistency, and Hope.
Where we are similar we come together to relate, but where we are unique is where we add value. Our differences are what make us great!


Many teams struggle to consistently work together to fully realize the greatness they have inside of them. That's what Kate does. Her energy, passion, and understanding of people, teammates, leadership, and thriving on a mission has brought together teams from all types of backgrounds and inspired individuals to overcome any obstacle or doubt that gets in the way.


Kate has worked with Businesses and Corporations, Collegiate sports, High School athletes, Clubs, and Organizations. She's worked with groups that needed a little renewed energy, some who were looking for tools to overcome adversity and change, and she's turned around many groups that seemed too far gone to repair. Find out how you can unlock the potential of your team whether you need just a little help, or you're rebuilding from the ground up!


Proud to work with these organizations and more! 


A Wall Street Journal Bestseller, over 60k copies sold. Used as powerful team building tool by athletic departments, teams, school districts and businesses. Learn the 7 principles that build stronger teams, through a short, entertaining, perspective shifting fable that will empower your team to become unbreakable through whatever circumstances comes your way.


Kate's latest release, this fable is being utilized to unleash the authentic greatness in teams, leaders, and individuals from middle school students to Ceo's to entire school districts! Over 6000 copies sold the month it launched. Through the power of perspective, self-discovery, and celebrations of diversity, this fable will inspire readers of all ages to overcome self-doubt once and for all and unleash their authentic greatness. 

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Whether you have a 10 person leadership team or 500 managers, a tennis team, a football team, an athletic department, or a pro-league, a class, a school, or a district, there's a workshop that can energize, inspire, empower, and equip you to come together for greatness and overcome the obstacles that cause burnout, turnover, and limit performance.


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